The Lorain County Historical Society is committed to caring for our collections responsibly. This includes following best practices for acquisition, loans, access, conservation, use, records management, and deaccession. These are described in LCHS’s Collections Management Policy.

Image Requests

LCHS may grant use to images of archival materials in its collections for approved purposes. Please note that any approved use will be for one-time, non-exclusive use only. Other terms and conditions may apply as described in the Photo and Image Policy. All image requests are coordinated the by the Archivist, contacted at or (440) 322-3341

Donations to the Collections

If you are interested in donating an object or archival document that relates to the history of Lorain County, we would be happy to discuss your potential donation. Please be aware that no staff, board members, or committee members may give appraisals for the purpose of establishing fair-market value of gifts offered to LCHS. Donors desiring to take an income tax deduction must have an independent appraisal made of the value of their gift. Identification of objects may be made, however, for professional and educational purposes. For more information, consult LCHS’s Collection Management Policy.

Please contact the Archivist with any questions at or (440) 322-3341.

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