The Lorain County Historical Society office is open Tuesday through Friday, 10AM to 4PM.
Contact us at or (440) 322-3341.

The Lorain County Historical Society (LCHS) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) membership organization, open to any person or group who supports LCHS’s mission.

Since 1889, the Lorain County Historical Society has preserved and shared the history of Lorain County through exhibits, programs, and tours. Located in Elyria, Lorain County’s seat, LCHS is the only local history organization that serves the entire county.

LCHS operates two museums. The Lorain County History Center, with free admission, is a hub of Lorain County history education. Located in the restored Horace Starr House, this museum has galleries, a research library, and LCHS’s business office. The Hickories was built 1894 – 1896 for Elyria entrepreneur Arthur Garford and his family. Through guided tours of The Hickories Museum, LCHS honors Garford’s spirit of innovation and connects Elyria and Lorain County to greater stories of American history.


The Lorain County Historical Society collects, preserves, and shares the history of Lorain County, Ohio to educate and inspire present and future generations.


To be a respected hub of learning about history, where all people are encouraged to discover and develop a passion for the past, engage in relevant study and educational experiences, and make history a meaningful part of their lives.


LCHS believes that historical understanding is critical to creating a better world. We are dedicated to best practices, guided by professional organizations in our field. Our work will be informed by our beliefs and commitments to excellence in:


(LCHS Strategic Plan, Fall 2020 – 2023)

1. Ensure that LCHS thrives and meets its mission by developing human and financial resources.

2. Strengthen leadership, governance, accessibility, and stakeholder care, thereby expanding the number and type of stewards for the entire organization and its mission fulfillment.

3. Ensure Lorain County Historical Society is the leader and hub of all things related to best practices, collaborative projects, innovative use of technology, and collections care. Learn together. Work together.

4. Follow best practices in curatorial matters and effectively utilize the collections and archives.

5. Strengthen and expand the educational components of LCHS to be the best resource possible for learning about the county’s history.

6. Use marketing and public relations to build awareness, involvement, and increase support. Capitalize on this broader engagement to teach more history.

7. Ensure all facilities are maintained, safe, and accessible, making them contribute to educational impact, and visitor and donor satisfaction.

8. Make Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion ongoing, critical components of doing business and serving the community well. Engage in extensive efforts in developing a written plan that will be embraced.

Board of Directors

Kathy Dean-Dielman, President

Sam Battle, Vice President

Bonnie Ivancic, Financial Officer

Jackie Kokai, Secretary

Margaret Brooks-Terry

Bob Ebert

John Handyside

Jeff Kinsley

Matt Nahorn

Jeff Sigsworth

Marilyn Wainio

Bob Yun

George Strom, Director Emeritus


Kerri Broome, Executive Director

Amanda Davidson-Johnston, Education & Tour Coordinator

Eric Greenly, Archivist

Pam Monschein, Office Manager

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