Elyria in Vintage Postcards (OH) (Postcard History Series)


Paperback – Illustrated, August 23, 2004
by Anne Fischer Mancine, Benjamin J. Mancine



Elyria was settled on the Black River near two 40-foot waterfalls, which aided milling operations and encouraged industry. Its proximity to Lake Erie further promoted travel and trade. Elyria in Vintage Postcards picks up Elyria’s history 90 years after her founding in 1817, when postcards were all the rage. This fashionable mode of communication resulted in the preservation of these images of historic Elyria. This book will take you on a tour of the town through vintage postcards. Visit Elyria’s now-defunct movie theaters and hotels during their prime. View Black River bridges, old mills, and an early hydroelectric plant. Discover buildings that were destroyed by fire, bridges destroyed by flood, train wrecks, and devastating snowstorms. And take a rare peek inside Elyria’s early businesses, schools, and churches.


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