Murders, Mysteries and History of Lorain County, Ohio, 1824–1956


Paperback – April 20, 2018



Murders, Mysteries and History is an entertaining, fast-paced, and unique mix of forgotten killings, investigations, and criminal trials culled from court records and mixed with the news of long ago.

Get the scoop on hundreds of real crimes and unsolved murders. Follow the clues to identify the unknown found washed up on Lake Erie shores. Work your way along sometimes-twisted paths to imprisonment or freedom. Victims, suspects, perpetrators. Judges, lawyers, witnesses, juries. Time spent in the big house, executions, and simply getting away with murder.

If you love true-crime or mysteries, or enjoy history, this book is for you! Never gory, but haunting, fascinating, and sometimes brutal all at the same time.

Murders, Mysteries and History reminds us that the past is never perfect.


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